Global Environmental & Earth Science Information System

GENESIS began as a suite of data services that bring together the Earth science products generated by spaceborne Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers flying on several international missions. Currently, GENESIS serves as an archive and distribution platform for Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) radio occultation (GNSS-RO) data that are independently processed at JPL. The focus is on providing GNSS-RO data from past and current GNSS-RO missions which carry GNSS-RO flight instruments designed by NASA/JPL. Data products provided include:
  • Level 1a: Excess phase and SNR time series
  • Level 1b: Bending angle profiles
  • Level 2: Refractivity, temperature, and water vapor profiles
  • Level 3: Monthly-averaged gridded data

The GENESIS site also provides GNSS-RO news and highlights from relevant publications by the JPL team.


Access Level 3 data here.


Our GENESIS datasets can be downloaded in bulk via FTP over HTTPS. If you know exactly the products you want and can do without visualization and other frills, an ftp transfer is the most efficient route.

If instead you want to browse the database, or select products satisfying particular constraints or relations (e.g., geographic region; instrument; altitude), you should try AGAPE.

If you have any issues accessing data, please send an email to


Atmospheric Grid Analysis and Profile Extraction


The AGAPE tool allows you to extract and download profiles based on instrument, location, date, and height. You can also slice 2-D grids from the profiles and generate maps.


If you should encounter any problems, we ask that you take the time to report them to User Services at

A detailed user guide for AGAPE can be found here.

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