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GENESIS offers several methods for browsing, querying, visualizing, subsetting, and retrieving GPS science data, including:

  • FTP -- a widely used protocol for general file transfer
  • AGAPE (Atmospheric Grid Analysis and Profile Extraction) -- the AGAPE tool allows you to extract and download profiles based on instrument, location, date, and height. You can also slice 2-D grids from the profiles and generate color maps of atmospheric parameters (refractivity, temperature, pressure, and water vapor pressure).

If you know exactly the products you want and can do without visualization and other frills, an ftp transfer is the most efficient route. If instead you want to browse the data base, or select products satisfying particular constraints or relations (e.g., geographic region; max temp > T; lowest altitude < h), you should try one of the other retrieval systems. A brief introduction to each system is or will soon be available by clicking on their names above.

As you become familiar with these systems we encourage you to experiment with their many features. As these are now in the early stages of use on GENESIS, anomalies are likely to occur, either general or platform-specific. If you should encounter any problems, we ask that you take the time to report them to User Services with the link below.


Not all of these retrieval systems are supported for all common user platforms. Before attempting to use them you should consult the compatibility table below.

  Linux Win95/98/00/XP Solaris SGI MacOS